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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 08/03/2015

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 08/03/2015

Have you filled you Bucket List list for this summer?

    Mid-Summer Reflection

    I read a great editorial in Sports Illustrated this past week.

    The author encouraged people to have and fill a bucket list for the summer….to do those enjoyable things that summer suggests.

    So I looked at some possibilities:

    1. Spend a day doing nothing.
    2. Check out what your city offers and do it.
    3. Make a Novena.
    4. Test the waters around you.
    5. Contact a lost friend.
    6. Look through old pictures.
    7. Fulfill a promise to your family.
    8. Take a day trip.
    9. Give some winter clothes to St. Vincent de Paul Society.

    Worst thing that could happen is to say…”Where did the summer go?” So don’t let that happen. There is plenty of time left.

    Oh I forgot…

    10: Stop what you’re doing and Thank God for His gifts: life, family, friends….his wonderful creation and the time to enjoy it.