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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 11/17/2015

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 11/17/2015

“What a sad time it is now”

    What a sad time it is now. With tragedies such as terrorist attacks, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, hunger and violence, we can’t ignore the sadness and pain. What do we do? Anger, frustration and confusion are natural, but what can we do?

    After mass and the saying of my office yesterday, it was time for football Sunday, but I had time to do something about the sadness.

    I reached for the bible. I needed to pray a little more than usual. Maybe this is the weapon that need not be the last resort, the last ditch effort. Maybe it should be the first.

    What if all the candles lit on the streets of Paris were lit in a nearby church? What if the world turned to its God? What if God found out we were serious about dealing with the sadness.

    My belief is that the most powerful weapon in the world is for all the churches in the world to be filled again. I think we ought to let our God know we are prayerfully concerned with the sadness that we experience.

    When I was with the Chicago Bears and got the owners to put up a billboard on the expressway, that memory made my football Sunday yesterday more meaningful.

    It read “Let’s Meet at My House BEFORE the Game”.…..God