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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 12/10/2015

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 12/10/2015

The Colors of the Season

    Two beautiful colors capture the meaning of the Season…Green and Red.

    Having lit the candles of the Advent Wreath, it was easy to see the beauty of the evergreen. In the midst of trees losing their leaves, flowers and grass dying, the evergreen continues to live. It stays forever green…the color of life. The circle of the wreath reminds everyone of the ongoing of life and the God of life never dies.

    And then the Evergreen tree for Christmas also is round and circular. It too tells us this God of life lives on in each of us. The lights on the tree in history used to be candles and the lit candle always has been a sign of Jesus being there. And He is! Check it out on Christmas Eve when you celebrate His birthday. Let the green tree never let us forget God is always there.

    And then there is that striking color of Red. Bet you thought I was thinking of Santa’s suit. No, it’s that bright colored bucket out in front of your store. Someone just rings the Christmas bell and people respond to make sure everyone sees that God is alive and that Christmas Joy should happen to everyone, especially the poor and the children. Vincent de Paul would have been so proud to work with those bell ringers, because he always thought he ‘could have done more’.

    You just can’t be color blind during this season. Enjoy the Green and the Red.