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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 07/14/2015

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 07/14/2015

Why does God allow so many unfortunate events to happen in our life?

    I have been asked many times on WHY God allows so many unfortunate events to happen in our lives: ISIS attacks, bombings, wars, children dying of cancer, domestic violence, children going to bed every night hungry, friends hurting friends, families hurt over divorce and on and on?  And also WHY are so many innocent and good people hurting and dying for no reason?  People also ask WHY does God allow all these things to happen?

    There is really no definitive or comforting answer.  God didn’t answer His own Son on the Cross when Jesus asked WHY?

    Rev. Robert Schuller once said, “God won’t answer the WHY question because He won’t enter into a debate with His children.  So what do we do with it all?

    I am reflecting these days on the Theme of our recent Mission cruise to Rome and stops along the Mediterranean, “THE GREAT AWAKENING”. God’s greatest act of love is to let His children be free….knowing that they might and will hurt each other.  He lets us be free and because of our own weakness, we sometimes make the wrong choices, make the wrong decisions and they end up hurting others.

    Every once in a while the light goes on, I learn something that I never knew before, and I discover things I never thought of or didn’t want to face. It is an awakening and amazing peace at the end of this discovery.

    The famous book comes to mind, “WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?”  I’m sure you have felt that or thought that before.  I have. And now I think perhaps the book should be “WHEN bad things happen to good people, good things follow.”

    So what do we do?  Pray of course. I pray that people who hurt others will change their behavior.  I pray for the peace that only comes when people are true to themselves. I pray that the self-centeredness will give way to focusing on the other and how do I make the lives of others better and happier.  I pray that the pain and hurt caused by others will lessen and a renewed peace will light up our darkened rooms.

    Thank you for being you. One thing is for sure. God is God and in the end the good guys will win. It’s just taking a little longer than we thought.