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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 10/05/15

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 10/05/15

Thanks to the sacrifices parents and grandparents make…

    Greetings and prayers from St. Paul, Missouri.

    I am conducting a parish mission at St. Paul Church in St. Paul, Missouri located on Church Road and the pastor’s name is Fr. Blessing. You just can’t make these things up. This is a great parish with wonderful people living in a rural setting. They have a beautiful facility here.

    Actually, this is a great place to remember what Pope Francis came to United States to encourage us about and that is the importance of Family.

    The readings yesterday at mass were all about family. In Genesis, we hear that the best thing God did for man was to create women. Women have been the heart and soul of our church. Without the nuns and women we would not have the great church we have today.

    The gospel was also about family, and Jesus warns us that divorce breaks up families. We know this to be true. It does split families. However, we don’t judge divorced people. We welcome them in our churches and support them. Jesus tells us that children will be the saving grace in family life. Parents and grandparents who place the happiness of their children and grandchildren ahead of their own desires and happiness are the great gifts that preserve family life.

    Thanks to the sacrifices parents and grandparents make in place of their own wants is why we have loving, valued families today. When this doesn’t happen, we can see that family life suffers.

    It reminds me of this story.

    About 35 years ago, the captain of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, Willie Stargell, liked this song that the group Sister Sledge sang. It became so popular that Willie wanted all his teammates to learn it. Pretty soon it became the theme song of the Pirates team. Every station in Pittsburgh played it and it became the great motivation for the baseball team. That year the Pirates won the World Series. They haven’t sung that song since…and they haven’t won either. The title of the song was, “We are Family.”

    Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for your families. Thanks for placing your children and grandchildren ahead of your own wants and desires. Please know you are making life better for them. Know you are remembered during this mission.

    And once again, in the words of Robert Schuller, “God loves you and so do I.”

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