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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 11/16/2015

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 11/16/2015

“Sometimes you just have to wait for the Lord.”

    I just returned from a Parish Mission in Perry, Iowa. Wonderful people, small struggling parish with 96 children in the Catholic School. There was a great turnout for the Mission with over half of the weekend attendance that participated in the Mission.

    During the Mission, I drove 55 miles to another town in Iowa to visit the birthplace and home of a friend from here in Kansas City. I didn’t get directions until too late so it was a bit of a disappointment and frustration.

    After driving home from the Parish Mission, I heard confessions tonight for the Sister Servants of Mary. I leave tomorrow for another Parish Mission in Colorado. I began to start feeling sorry for myself with such a busy and tight schedule.

    Then I began reading miracle requests and one of them made it very easy for me to realize that the Lord is in charge and when I focus too much on myself The Lord reminds me how fortunate and blessed I am in spite of frustration and disappointment.

    The miracle request was from a woman who asked me to pray for her. She mentioned she had a very poor paying job, couldn’t give anything to mission which made her sad and then said she was homeless, living in the garage of one of her friends.

    Needless to say, I felt terrible and began thanking God for the blessings in my life. I prayed for her and her note evangelized me. She taught me that sometimes you just have to wait for the Lord and He will clear things up pretty quickly.

    My feeling sorry for myself, my disappointment and frustration were gone and now I can’t wait until I get to the next mission to see if I can help someone else.

    I appreciate all of you who support what we do in our mission work. And it is amazing that when I wait for the Lord, He never lets me down!