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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 11/23/2015

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 11/23/2015

“Ordinary people receive extraordinary gifts.”

    THANKSGIVING… Is a very special time… Time to say THANKS for all the GIVING coming from God.

    Here are some of those extraordinary gifts and miracles prayed for during Vincentian Parish Missions and received.

    •   The second night of the mission in Pueblo, Colorado, Anthony’s niece comes up to her uncle and visits him after not speaking to each other in so many years.

    Tears flowing from Tony’s eyes thanking me for the miracle prayer.

    •   I visited Josephine in the nursing home on Wednesday afternoon and told her that I would say the miracle prayer on Wednesday night at the Mission, praying that God would work His miracle of curing her from stroke or take her home.

    I got a call from her son on Thursday thanking me for the visit and to tell me his mom passed away on Thursday morning.

    •   I received an email concerning 5 year old Liz from Wichita, Kansas. She has terminal cancer and came to the mission every night last year in her wheelchair and we all prayed to St. John Gabriel Perboyre for the miracle.

    When I left I asked the people of St. Catherine parish to continue saying that prayer for a miracle. On November 4th the school had a celebration releasing hundreds of balloons because Liz received news that she is cancer free!!

    God is good! I continue to pray for your miracles. Some are ordinary and happen every day, like a surprise invitation to lunch or dinner from an old friend you haven’t seen in months, or forgiving someone for something small and then there are extraordinary ones.

    They are all gifts from God and that’s why we have THANKSGIVING. Have a great holiday!!

    And once again in the words of Robert Schuller, “God loves you and so do I.”