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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Mike’s Spiritual Reflection – 09/04/2015

Fr. Mike’s Spiritual Reflection – 09/04/2015

St. Augustine argued that ‘he who sings prays twice’.

    Music and the Liturgy:

    I was looking around a very beautiful new Catholic Church recently. No expense was spared. I asked the pastor if I could see the organ since I’m interested in music. He took me to the side and showed me this old Hammond electronic organ… what church musicians frequently refer to as a ‘burp box’. I was shocked. The fact is that the only contact most Catholics have with their faith is the Sunday Liturgy.

    I’ve always believed this is where the biggest outlay of parish finances, time and talent should be placed. Here’s a sad fact. Music in parishes hasn’t improved much since Vatican II. There are rare and great exceptions.

    But most places still have an untalented cantor shouting into a microphone, usually by himself, accompanied by an equally untalented organist on the burp box, with full vibrato, with the congregation looking on waiting in vain for him/her to finish.

    St. Augustine argued that ‘he who sings prays twice’. I want to encourage all Catholics to help get the Sunday liturgy to an enthusiastic, prayerful, artistic rendering of beautiful and inspiring music in their own parish. There is work to be done, don’t you think?