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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–07/14/2021

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–07/14/2021

Can’t Miss It

    When driving in Southern Illinois, You just can’t miss it.  It is so large that you can see it for miles.  It is a wonderful reminder of all that is Good, of all that is God.  It is this beautiful cross.  Made me think of so many churches, so many celebrations for so many different occasions.  Made me remember what is meant to be Christian…to genuinely care for all of God’s people.  Made me be so thankful for what Jesus did with the Cross…suffered and died for me, for my sins but especially for my forgiveness.  Made me reflect on how much God really does love us.

    So now every time I see that cross in a church, in a cemetery or on a necklace or chain, I won’t forget its meaning and its beauty.  My prayers are that you have some great memories and inspiration every time you see one.  And let us come to really love that church; genuinely care for people; be grateful for all God does; and celebrate forgiveness.

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