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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 07/29/2016

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 07/29/2016

Every once in a while we need to say THANK YOU!

    Tuesday was the 200 year anniversary of the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers coming to the United States in Baltimore Maryland. It was also the 341st year anniversary of the founding of the Post Office and the naming of Benjamin Franklin as its first Postmaster General. And you thought he just flew a kite.

    You may be asking yourself what the connection is between these two enormous events. There is none.

    But there is a connection between the Vincentians and the many friends and supporters we have throughout the United States, like you. We deeply appreciate your prayers for our ministry and our Mission. Every once in a while we need to say THANK YOU!

    You, our friends, were remembered in a special way during a Novena that my brother and I just finished in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It was at St. Anne’s Church and we were thinking ahead to our Mission Cruise where we finish our journey celebrating Mass at the Lourdes Shrine of Canada, St. Annes in Quebec, where you will be remembered again in a special way.

    And so again………THANK YOU.

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