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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–05/19/2021

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–05/19/2021


    This coming Sunday is Pentecost.  It is the birthday of the Church.  Ten days before, Jesus had ascended.  He wanted His disciples to carry on His work.  And yet the strange thing is that though they trusted Him and were perfectly convinced that He had risen, they were not ready yet to continue to preach His message.  All of them believed in Jesus, but for bringing Him to others something more was needed.  

    That is what the disciples got at Pentecost- that new power and fullness of the Spirit which changed them from convinced believers into people on fire for the Lord.  Without it they would probably have returned to Galilee and quietly lived and died.  With it there was a spiritual power about them that was mightier than any argument.  They were witness-bearers to the living Christ.  How about us?  We have Pentecost, the Spirit and the blessing.  Are we doing our part?  Are we disciples of the Lord?


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