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The Mission Program

The Vincentian Parish Missions are designed to be from four (4) to seven (7) days in length to meet the needs of the individual parish community.  The weekend is the beginning of the parish mission. Your missioner will preach (and preside, if desired) at all Masses to introduce themselves, explain the upcoming parish mission and the impact the mission will have on the parishioners and their community.

Four Day Mission

The Four Day Mission will continue on Monday and will conclude on Thursday evening. During the day, and as time will permit, the missioner will do pastoral visitations and individual meetings.

Seven Day Mission

The Seven Day Mission will continue on Monday and will conclude with the missioner presiding and preaching at all the weekend masses. With the Seven Day Mission there will be additional time to develop the theme and for the missioner to interact with more of the parish through pastoral visitations and individual meetings.

Vincentian Parish Missions – Offered FREE of Charge

As St. Vincent DePaul wanted, our Vincentian Parish Mission is always offered free of charge. We assume responsibility for all travel related expenses and mission materials. The parish is only asked to be responsible for the missioner’s room and board during the stay.

At the conclusion of the mission a free-will offering will be taken up to support this valuable ministry.

Additional Benefits of a Vincentian Parish Mission

Healing – Within the context of the mission, the missioner will include the theme of Reconciliation and offer the opportunity to receive both the sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing.

Presence – During the day a concerted effort will be made to respond to the needs of all parishioners, young and old. Depending on the context and time, the missioner will visit the homebound, local nursing homes, schools, youth groups, religious education classes as well as any other parish groups that might benefit from our presence.

Guidance and Counseling – Individual meetings for counseling and spiritual direction with the missioner are encouraged and scheduled during the days of the parish mission.

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