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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–7/3/2024

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–7/3/2024

Why Fireworks

    Tomorrow is a big day for us.  We won’t forget it because the noise of fireworks begins on the day before and lasts for a couple of days afterwards.  I wonder if we really are remembering why we set them off in the first place or we just need a reason to legally explode something.  It’s good to celebrate and especially if we know the reason for celebrating.  We are blessed to have so much independence.  Many countries don’t.  But our independence was gained due to the sacrifices of so many of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives fighting for that independence and freedom.  Let’s not forget this as we light our fireworks.

    Hopefully the 4th is a day of family celebrating.  It may be a picnic or just a backyard barbeque.  Whatever way you celebrate, let it be because you are so grateful you have independence and that you never forget those veterans who sacrificed so much for you.  I also pray that all wars would end, all prisoners return home, and never again need soldiers.  Now that would be worth setting off all the fireworks you could get your hands on.  I will pray at mass on the 4th for you, your families and our country.  Thank God, He blesses America!

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