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What is a Parish Mission?

A Parish Mission is special time in a parish community when the community gathers together to gain further insight into a faith filled life.  It is a time for grace and renewal of the parish through services and talks filled with stories, examples and meaning.

Benefits of a Vincentian Parish Mission

A Vincentian Parish Mission will be conducted by our very experienced and dynamic speakers who will bring their knowledge and faith to life through their presentations at the parish mission.

Every mission will be designed and tailored to the unique needs and requests of the individual parishes.

With over 40 years of providing Catholic communities with parish missions, and having conducted thousands of successful missions throughout the United States and Canada, our mission team has a variety of mission themes or topics that have proven popular with other parishes that you can consider.  However, whether you choose an existing theme or have your own idea about a theme for your parish, the mission talks will be specifically prepared and tailored to expound on that topic.

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