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Spiritual Reflection

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–6/19/2024

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–6/19/2024

I Am So Blessed

    I have been thinking about summer: vacations, good weather, doing things outside, farmers planting, baseball, golf, swimming, gardens, flowers, just simply enjoying the outdoors.  For all these I know we are blessed and grateful.

    But my thoughts today are with all our sisters and brothers who are unable to enjoy these blessings.  Their health has limited these simple pleasures that I sometimes take for granted. Many of these people are in nursing homes and may never again enjoy summer like I do.  When I am trapped in thinking, “out of sight, out of mind”, I need to remind myself that there are many people not as fortunate but who earn graces for me through their suffering.

    And while I reflect on these special people, I am also aware of the care takers who are so dedicated to these people.  We see these special ministers when we conduct parish missions and visit nursing homes.  I thank God we have people who care and know Jesus is pleased with their compassion.  We are blessed in so many ways.  I have a suggestion, offer a mass for those in nursing homes.  They won’t know you are doing it but God will!

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