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Fr. Bill Rhinehart, C.M.

Fr. Bill Rhinehart, C.M.

Fr. Bill Rhinehart, C.M. was born July 16, 1952 in a small town in Missouri where he grew up with ten brothers and sisters.

From early in his childhood, he wanted to be a Priest and as a young teenager in 1966 he joined the Vincentians as a high school seminarian.  He was ordained a priest of the Congregation of the Mission of Saint Vincent DePaul in 1979.

Father Rhinehart’s first seven and a half years as a priest were spent serving in Taiwan ministering to the Mandarin speaking parishes.  Upon his return to the United States in 1987, he was assigned for the next 20 years to parishes and missions within the Pueblo, Colorado and Colorado Springs dioceses.

Thereafter for seven years, Fr. Bill continued his parish ministries in his home state of Missouri as Pastor of two rural parishes. Having served as Pastor for 27 years, he gained experience, knowledge and understanding of parish life.

Fr. Rhinehart is happy to be a member of the Parish Mission Team, doing the work that St. Vincent desired of his Vincentian Community, to provide service to the rural and poor communities. Conducting Parish Missions will allow him to utilize his knowledge and experience of parish life in relating to parishioner and the issues and struggles they face. It will allow him to make a impact on their lives and to energize and renew the parish communities.

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