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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 06/24/2020

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 06/24/2020


    Greetings from Lemont, Illinois.

    Who doesn’t like surprises? 

    A card, a gift, a party, an unexpected visit. 

    But Jimmy didn’t like his.  He sat down for dinner with Mom and Dad and the menu was a big surprise: No mac and cheese; no pizza; no burger; no fried chicken.  Even the “grace” before the meal didn’t help.  Fish and cauliflower! 

    Jimmy bit into the fish and he found something hard.  He took the bone out of his mouth and asked his mother what to do.  She told him to put it where he wouldn’t eat it.  He quickly put it in the cauliflower.

    This coming weekend may mark the first time that most Americans will be able to return to their church for worship since March.  Not to my surprise, no one has told me that they really missed the homily or sermon; or the music; or the collection.

    No what everyone is so happy to witness and what was missed the most was Jesus in the bread and wine.  Oh the joy of Eucharist and Communion again. 

    Guess what?  This was no surprise.  

    So surprise God with your THANKS!

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