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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 08/06/2020

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 08/06/2020

So I’m looking forward to the future.

    Happy August!

    Never thought I would be pulling for a quick summer and a quick fall.  But the sooner we finish 2020, the sooner we will have good news.

    I pray for my doctors all the time, and now I’m praying for doctors I don’t even know.  Especially those doctors that are working for us in getting treatment drugs and vaccines.

    So I’m looking forward to the future.

    Today at mass we celebrated the beauty and joy of looking forward to a wonderful future.  The feast of the Transfiguration was the gift Jesus gave to his disciples and US.  He wanted us to see that it would all turn out fine.  He showed them His glorified body.  He showed them the prize of heaven.

    It’s nice to focus on the prize every once in awhile.  Can you imagine how joyful one of the golfers this week at the PGA Championship would be… if on Thursday they knew they would be holding the trophy on Sunday?  I think that golfer would really enjoy the tournament.

    My guess is that the prize of Heaven is a little bit better than a trophy.  Do you agree?

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