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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–1/25/2023

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–1/25/2023

Happy Birthday

    Three hundred ninety-eight candles are a lot to put on one Birthday cake, but I wish I had that cake for this Birthday celebration.  398 years ago St. Vincent DePaul founded the Congregation of the Mission.  And as one of over 3000 today in 81 countries, I am so grateful that he did.  The “Vincentians” as we are called have given me a wonderful life that I continue to enjoy.  The people we have been called to serve have provided a canvas that has made a beautiful painting.  From high school and college students to people from all over the world who have attended parish missions, the Vincentian life has been so worth celebrating on this 398th Birthday!

    It’s a given to thank God and St. Vincent DePaul, but I’m thinking of people like Ganel, Degan, Trapp, Schulte, Riley, Lynch, Gaydos, Battle, Shine, Housey, Crowley, Dick Gielow and so many others for whom I’m extremely grateful.  Join me today on this feast of the Conversion of St. Paul in telling God and St. Vincent…Thank You!

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