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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–12/29/2021

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–12/29/2021

New Year’s Resolutions

    Hope you had a very joyful and peace-filled Christmas!  Our family of Mary Ann, Dick and I were together and it was wonderful.  After a few days, we will start a New Year.  So I hope and pray it is a healthier 2022.  So much sickness and pain these past two years.  With some faith we are able to stay close to our God, for He is so needed.

    In making New Year’s resolutions, include God in some of them.  Every year I make resolutions for the New Year and I’m not sure they all happen. So I have a different idea for 2022.  My resolutions will have nothing to do with making my life a little better but making somebody else’s life better.  For instance, I will be a little more generous to charities I support.  How about this one-staying in church once in a while after Mass to say more Thank Yous.  Or getting rid of bits of my behavior that irritates people.  I can think of so many resolutions not about me that would make this world a better place.

    Join me this New Year’s Eve to give it a try.  One thing for sure, I will pray that your intentions come true.  The picture shows that through prayer and Eucharist, I’m asking God to attend to all the mission intentions placed at our altar and our Mission house in Kansas.  God Bless your New Year!!

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