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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–02/16/2022

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–02/16/2022

Two Week Warning

    In football there is a two minute warning before the game ends.  So I thought I would give us a two week warning before Lent begins.  Ash Wednesday is two weeks away.  Some might ask WHY Lent?  WHY NOT?  Granted we are not bad people who are in danger of being saved but we are GOOD people who want to get better.

    Lent is a reminder.  Lent is an opportunity.  Lent is a time of grace.  Lent is a time to say thank you.  It is a reminder of how blessed we are; an opportunity to grow in our spiritual life; a time of great grace from God; and a time to say thank you to our Lord for his sacrifice of his life so we could one day enjoy happiness in the kingdom of heaven.

    Let our Lenten journey be a time of prayer, peace and perseverance.  I thank my parents, the Vincentian priests and daughters of charity for teaching me the importance of Lent.

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