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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–12/23/2020

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–12/23/2020

Where is JESUS?

    Merry Christmas!!

    My reflection today is one of gratitude for all of you.  I am truly blessed.  When a child saw the crib with Mary and Joseph, the angels, the shepherds, the three kings, the animals all there but no Jesus, he just asked “Where is JESUS?”  It wasn’t Christmas yet, they told him, and the baby would be placed there on his Birthday.

    Pretty good question for Christmas, where is Jesus?  I know He’s in your heart.  I read this and preached many times that JOY is to reserve a place for Jesus and relax in His presence.  With all the commotion this Christmas, continue to reserve a place for Him and be sure to relax in His presence.

    My very best to you and your family at this time.  The Prince of Peace, the Lord of Joy and Hope, the God of Love is here for us.  This is our reason for Hope.  As the Psalmist writes, “For if one hopes, even though his tongue is still, he will always be singing in his heart.”  As we sing O Come, O Come Emmanuel which means “GOD IS WITH US”  we have the assurance He is already here.

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