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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–4/24/2024

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–4/24/2024

Remember When….

    As I get older, I have discovered a lot of my thoughts are about past events.  I enjoy reflecting on them and thank God for allowing me to have experienced all those great times.  I appreciate the memories.

    I accept the fact that I can’t play baseball anymore.  I can’t enjoy playing left field on a softball team as I did in Kansas City.  I remember Little League and going to Mathieson park for pick up games.  And all the great trips, even recall summer times on a farm in Iowa.  I still remember hitting the golf ball a lot farther and my score being so much better.  I won’t forget the great men who played on Fridays with me.

    I suppose the most difficult memories are those with friends who have passed on.  I miss those days and I am so grateful they were in my life.  So my sadness has given way to joy and happiness.  I look upon these memories because of the refreshing joy they bring and I conclude that this is the real meaning of being Easter people…Happiness and Joy!  The picture of baseballs and golf trophy bring me back to fun filled and joyful days.

    What brings you back to great days of joy and happiness?

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