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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–9/27/2023

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–9/27/2023

Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul

    Today is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul.  It is a very special day for all Vincentian priests and brothers since he is the founder of our community.  We are so blessed because of his journey of faith as he founded the Ladies of Charity, the Vincentian priests and brothers and the Daughters of Charity.

    Vincent was a diocesan priest and one day thought there was so much that needed to be done to help the laity in their journey of faith, he founded our religious order as well as the other two groups.  But what we are most proud of in Vincent is that he changed the thinking of a country.  He took care of the poor, the children, the sick, the galley slaves, the clergy and even touched the hearts of the French Court.  Today the Ladies of Charity are still thriving and responding to the needs of the marginalized.  The Daughters of Charity are all over the world doing the work of St. Louise de Marillac and of course Vincent.

    The Vincentian’s original work was to preach parish missions. The four Vincentian priests in our province continue this great work Vincent founded us to do.  Last year forty-six parish missions were preached by these men: Frs. Bob, Dick, Bill and Ron.  Vincent would be proud but the work is never done.  After all Vincent had done and changed the thinking of a country, as he was coming to the end of his life, he uttered a famous phrase that our mission friends in California love, ” I COULD HAVE DONE MORE”!  God Bless you Vincent and thank you.

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