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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–11/20/2020

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–11/20/2020

Life Here On Earth

    This life is not the best life we will ever live.  This is not the longest life we will ever live.  This life is merely the title page to eternity.

    Nevertheless, this may well be the most important life we will ever live.  For it is during our brief, adventure-filled journey that so many decisions of eternal consequence are made.  It is now, during this life, that we are presented with the choice to become followers of Christ.  It is now, in this life, that free grace begins to be experienced.

    The entrance way by which we enter the Kingdom of God is found on this side of eternity.  As we begin the Holiday Season, I pray we use our time well.  It will benefit us for the long haul, which is eternity!



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