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Spiritual Reflection

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 01/31/2024

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection – 01/31/2024


    As I get older, and often hear from many others as well, I wonder how much TIME I have left before God calls me home.

    Younger people are taught to use TIME well and to not waste TIME. When we go somewhere for some entertainment we can tell others we had such a great TIME.

    We have many tools to remind us about TIME: phones, calendars, watches and clocks.

    I remember reading about a gentleman from England who wouldn’t move his clock for daylight savings TIME saying that he didn’t appreciate an hour of TIME being taken away from him. He was reminded he would get it back in the fall but he wasn’t sure he would be around to get it back.

    So, my thought on this is how do I deal with the TIME I have left. I have read that it is all up to me, and what I do with my TIME is mine. I have much to think about but I think this is best:

    Today is my everyday.

    Tomorrow doesn’t exist, it is just hoped for until it becomes today.

    Yesterday is gone and is only remembered.

    But TODAY is all for me and I can do whatever I want with it. Hopefully I enjoy it and live it to the fullest without making it depend on some hoped for future.

    I pray today that your TODAY is filled with joy and a good TIME.

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