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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–02/07/2024

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–02/07/2024

“A little sign to believe in something bigger”

    My thoughts for today’s reflection came from this photo I took on my trip back from Florida. With all the clouds you can only make out some of this city but the little that you have is a sign of what may be there.

    No question for me of this being Chicago on the Lake. Sometimes you just need a little sign to believe in something bigger.

    Once I got home I realized I needed to get to the grocery store and here’s what I found: an older bent over man going over the parking lot to get a shopping cart left out in the open and returning it to the collection place; a woman picking up some papers that were left on the ground as more litter; a bagger with a big smile asking if there was anything else I needed.

    All three were signs of maybe something bigger. It’s possible the man wanted it to be easier for the kid that had to get all these carts; the woman may have had an appreciation of this world and wanted to do her part to make it better for others; the bagger just may have enjoyed serving.

    I can’t be sure but it’s nice to see signs even if you’re not sure. Maybe some people on that plane didn’t know it was Chicago, but it did show signs.

    By the way, I moved two carts to their place and I picked up some papers and thanked the bagger.

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