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Spiritual Reflection

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection- 06/03/2020

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection- 06/03/2020

No Prayer Goes Unanswered

    My reflection this week is to share some prayers, called Intercessions in the Breviary that the priests pray daily.

    “Christ is the sun that never sets, a light that shines on every one of us, so let us praise and thank Him.”

    “May the Holy Spirit teach us to do your will today.”

    “Let your splendor rest on us, and may your face shine on us and keep us in your peace.”

    “May our families, friends and companions be free of sorrow and pain and be filled with joy.”

    “Teach us to recognize your presence in everyone, especially in the poor and those who mourn.”

    “With your love, you renew us each day for our well-being and happiness, help us to be patient with those we meet.”

    “You strengthened Mary with joy and peace, through her intercession, relieve my stress and give me hope.”

    “Let all those who have died who believed in you, enjoy the kingdom you have prepared for them.”

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