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Spiritual Reflection

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–10/12/2022

Father Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–10/12/2022

Baseball Playoffs

    Baseball playoffs remind me of a story of a little league player who strikes out most of his time at bat.  His father discouraged decided to hire a coach to work with his son after school.  One day the father decided to come home early from work to see the progress.  When he arrived home, he didn’t see his son or coach working on the strike out problem.  Father rushed into the house and found his son on the computer.  Needless to say, father was not happy and asked his son what is going on.  The son looked at his Dad and said he learned on the computer that Babe Ruth struck out 1337 times so now he has 1037 times to go to catch Ruth!

    Sometimes what seems to be, really isn’t so, and I tend to make judgements that are not accurate portrayals of what really is going on.  So I must be more patient and not so judgemental until I know the full story.  One nice thing God always forgives me and I can rely on his understanding.  Have a great day and hope your team does well in playoffs.

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