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Spiritual Reflection

Father Michael’s Spiritual Reflection – 05-13-2020

Father Michael’s Spiritual Reflection – 05-13-2020

Living for the Good of Others

    I can’t help but notice all the crazies that have come forth during this time of plague.  Those who know me will be saying “Who are you to judge crazies?”  But really, I can in a few cases.   We all can.  I mean who needs that much toilet paper?  Did a meteorite really bring the virus across the universe to the world?  Is God punishing mankind for their sins?  What’s with this shooting someone for not wearing a mask? 

    The people we really need to watch out for, and not become one ourselves, are those who say that we can sacrifice a few lives to get the economy back on its feet.  We cannot sacrifice even one life.  Isn’t one person created in the image of God more important than any material good?  It’s time to put into practice what it really means to be ‘pro-life’.  Collateral damage not accepted.

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