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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Refection–08/11/2021

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Refection–08/11/2021

Being kind and humble

    The last prayer of the Office for priests (Liturgy of Hours) tonight is this: “Lord Jesus Christ, you have given your followers an example of gentleness and humility, a task that is easy, a burden that is light…”

    I can’t think of two better virtues that make for a loving community.  And Jesus did give us great examples:  His words were always so kind and reassuring, like “What do you need?  What can I do for you?” And He never bragged about what He did.  The real sign of his humility was His constant praise of and gratitude to His Father in Heaven.  I’ve always loved this line:  Jesus knew He was God but was humble about it.  I’m going to make sure I don’t fall into the trap Ron set with this motto of his, “The man who thinks he knows it all, is a pain in the neck to all of us who really do.”

    I would rather meet the challenge of the prayer:  To be more kind, gentle, humble and grateful.  I pray your world is full of these wonderful virtues.

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