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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 01/20/2017

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 01/20/2017

Celebrating the 400th Anniversary.

    Next Wednesday January 25th, The Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Priests and Brothers) will celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the beginning of Vincent De Paul’s “mission” to preach to the poor parishes in France. On January 25th, 1617 in Folleville, France, Vincent de Paul gave a sermon that would eventually result in what has become known today as the Vincentian Family (the numerous organizations following the calling of St. Vincent). For us in the parish mission apostolate, this date in 1617 is significant to the history of parish missions.

    I’m hoping you have had some opportunity to have met some of the men who have followed Vincent to this Congregation.

    The dedicated priests at St. Patrick Church in LaSalle, IL were so responsible for Dick and I following Vincent to the Congregation and we are forever grateful for their inspiration. We have been honored to have followed Vincent’s lead.

    We are humbled now to be doing the work and ministry Vincent de Paul envisioned 400 years ago. The Parish Mission Ministry is why we were founded.

    The joy of meeting so many faith-filled people through this ministry has been overwhelming. The love of Prayer and Eucharist exhibited, has been so refreshing and nourishing.   Thanks for letting us see what is so good and what really matters.

    Next Wednesday my brother and I will celebrate at Mass our beginning and we will be remembering all the Vincentian LEGENDS who have impacted our lives… people like Fr. Frank, who when helping us on our Mission Cruises would never get lost on the ship because he could find anything as long as he went through the Casino.  

    If you think of it, stop next Wednesday and say a little prayer for all the Vincentians, especially those who have ministered in the Parish Mission Apostolate.


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