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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 02/17/2016

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 02/17/2016

“God needs to see my Best”

    So the first Sunday of Lent was Valentine’s Day.  I’m so glad I gave up golfing during Lent instead of chocolate.  With Missions and some cold weather this Lent, giving up golf was easy.

    So you think I should have given up something more difficult?   You’re right…. God needs to see more sacrificing.  He needs to see my Best.

    What is your Best?  Pope Francis this morning at mass said we ought to pay attention to God’s Shrines.  I thought he was talking about the tabernacle of The Lord.

    He told me about some other Shrines of God.  “God’s Shrine is the life of His children who face danger every day or the elderly who are so easily forgotten.

    God’s Shrine is our families in need of only the essentials of life.  God’s Shrine is the faces of the people we meet every day.”

    Maybe my best this Lent could be my making these Shrines more beautiful.

    Pray for your children, give them your best; visit the elderly; don’t chase the dreams of the world; bring joy to everyone you meet today!

    Then enjoy the chocolate.

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