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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–04/20/2022

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–04/20/2022

He is Risen

    Great week in the Church and a wonderful celebration in Rome at St. Peter’s by Pope Francis on Easter Sunday.  My thoughts are on what happened after Jesus rose from the tomb.  Where did he go?  Bible today told us that he met his friends and told them to tell the disciples to meet Him in Galilee.  

    Pope Francis had a great observation about why He wanted them to meet in Galilee.  It was away from Jerusalem and it was a city of Gentiles which welcomed people of all religions.  Pope Francis was saying that this Jesus wanted to build a church for everyone.  He was to be for all peoples.  Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed.  My prayers for you are for a beautiful spring that brings new life and an Easter that goes on!  

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