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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–04/27/2022

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–04/27/2022

Wheat Fields

    As I was going thru some pictures on my phone, I came across this one of a wheat field.  There is something majestic and even holy about a picture of a wheat field next to the beauty of a green pasture.  Immediately, I thought of the life of a farmer.  The number of farmers seems to decrease every year.  This is not only sad but alarming.  As you know ONE farmer feeds 155 people in our country.  We need them!  The part of the farmer’s life that has always appealed to me is their reliance on GOD.  The farmer can’t control the sun or the rain.  He trusts and has faith in HIS God to help him.  I pray for the farming families in our world who are committed to protecting the soil and using it to feed the World.

    The other thought that always comes to my mind when I see a wheat field is the connection to the Eucharist.  For some reason, I think of bread and automatically turn to the Eucharist.  We need farmers to feed us and we need Christ to feed us with the Eucharist.  Since the word Eucharist means to give thanks, that is what I do when I see a wheat field.  Thanks to the farmer and thanks to Christ!

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