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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 05/26/16

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 05/26/16

“This weekend we will not forget why America is great.”

    “You Just Can’t Forget”

    Another holiday weekend is coming up and this one has us remember how great this country is because of the gift of people and their lives.

    Let us not forget that America is great because of people like…..

    ….a retired business man in Kansas City who picks up unsold food at grocery stores every day to help supply food centers for the poor and homeless

    ….a man in California who works all year to plan, organize and host a golf tournament to help a group of nuns continue their ministry

    ….a doctor in Nebraska who in retirement continues to offer medical assistance to those who can’t afford health care

    ….a realtor in Phoenix who spends hundreds of hours of his free time to develop a website to help evangelize people all over the world

    ….the thousands of men and women who put on a uniform and risk their lives for the safety and freedom of Americans

    This weekend we will not forget why America is great. So stop and thank that person in uniform and be grateful for all those people who make this country a wonderful place in which to live.

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