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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–4/3/2024

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–4/3/2024

Find Him

    When I first heard the story in today’s gospel about the disciples, I thought of how impossible could it be that the friends of Jesus didn’t recognize him after He rose from the dead.  They were walking with Him and talking with Him and missing Him, but they didn’t know it was Him.  Only later at dinner when they remembered the Last Supper, they recognized Him in the breaking of the bread.  Just no doubt about our recognizing Jesus every time we attend Eucharist.   But I’m reminding myself to look for Him all day long so that I can comfortably walk with Him and talk with Him.  I challenged myself this week as I watched my brother give a little something to a homeless person.  It was easy to assume that Jesus was there caring for someone, but now I realized HE was there saying Thank You.  Just a little different than the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

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