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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–4/10/2024

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–4/10/2024

The Masters

    One of sports greatest events starts tomorrow…. the Masters.  Every professional golfer strives to win this tournament and be presented with the Masters green jacket.  It’s played in Augusta, GA every spring at a most prestigious golf course.  I thought of it being similar to the experience of a packed church on Easter Sunday morning…. happy, excited and joyful people enjoying a morning with the Master, Jesus!

    I wonder if there is golf in heaven.  I hope so. Playing with friends at Pebble Beach or Augusta would be unbelievable joy and proof that heaven is worth waiting for.  When I watch the Masters this weekend, the beauty will remind me that heaven is a 100 times better.  We’ll all be wearing green jackets as we stop at the 19th hole for some refreshments.  So if you turn on your tv this weekend to watch the Masters, let the beauty remind you of heaven, that heaven the Master, Jesus won for us and we are truly grateful.  Oh, you won’t need a tee time, the Master has reserved one just for you!

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