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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–9/6/2023

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–9/6/2023

Labor Day

    Each year at this time, I always laugh a little because of our holiday, Labor Day.  This past Monday we celebrated this holiday again…AND…hardly anyone is working on LABOR Day.  Seems like we all should be working.  The pic is about people who say they have to work all the time…the farmers.  They have no scheduled days off, like Labor Day or Memorial Day or July Fourth, they merely let the crop life dictate their schedules.  I think, they do get a little time off in the winter.  This morning as I read the gospel, I realized that Jesus couldn’t take a day off…people wouldn’t let him.  Here he was visiting Simon and Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick in bed and Jesus went to work and cured her.  Crowds came from all over to have him work…to heal and to cure.

    As I drive by the farms, I say a little prayer of thanksgiving for their work and I remind myself that the work Jesus asked us to do has no day off.  Making a difference in people’s lives is a work, never finished.  I better get busy!

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