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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–08/31/2022

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–08/31/2022


    When some sports analyst predicts who will win the Superbowl and who has no chance, and if he is right they call him prophetic.  That seems a bit pathetic.  Prophets have such a great reputation in the scriptures.  They changed history, they led people to a new life, they were looked upon as guides to heaven.

    Fr. Michael Mulhearn, C.M., told me once that the definition of a prophet is one who knows how to tell time.  When it’s time to speak out, be silent, stand up, sit down, work, rest, play, pray and so on.  In sacred scripture the Prophet comforted the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable.  I think of St. Vincent de Paul who was so prophetic, he changed the thinking of a country towards the poor.  Pope Francis comforts the disturbed and sometimes disturbs the comfortable.  I thank God for all the prophets in my time.  They surely made a difference in my life.  How about those in your life?  Praise the Lord for the prophets.


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