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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–4/26/2023

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–4/26/2023

Never Forget

    Just returned from Perryville, MO where our retirement center is.  Every Monday Bob prays for our Vincentian priests and brothers who live there.  Bob and I enjoy going there and visiting with these Confreres.  There is enough experience and holiness there to enlighten not only our Province but the whole country.  It rests on our beautiful property where the Shrine of the Blessed Mother is; where the Miraculous Medal Association ministers; and of course our community cemetery where our Vincentian priests and brothers are laid to rest.

    The picture presented is that cemetery.  I chose the section where the grave of Fr. Frank Crowley is.  He and Fr. Carl Schulte began our Parish Mission apostolate and my very first parish mission was with Fr. Frank in 1982 at St. Francis Regis parish in Kansas City, MO.  I owe a great deal to these two men.  And I visit this cemetery when I go to  Perryville, so I can remind myself NEVER TO FORGET how blessed I am because of them.  Pray you never forget those who made your life better and how blessed you are because of them.


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