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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–7/19/2023

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–7/19/2023

Visiting the sick in hospitals

    I just finished reading a story about former bishop of Cape-Springfield, MO who was loved by the priests there.  He always went to the hospitals to visit priests who were sick.  One day he went to see Fr. Val who was very close to death.  When he got to the room Fr. Val wasn’t responding so Bishop John kept shaking him and finally he opened his eyes.  John asked him how he was doing and Fr. Val responded, “I was hoping to see Jesus but it’s only you.”  They both had a good laugh!

    I often wonder when people are close to death what they are thinking about.  Andy Feuerborn, 22 years old, told me when I asked him.  He said the only thing on his mind was that he didn’t know anyone there, everyone he knew was still living.  I told him he would meet Jesus, Mary and his favorite saint John Gabriel Perboyre.  He loved our mission prayer and I say it daily, especially for him.

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