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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–07/08/2020

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–07/08/2020

God’s Love is Enough


    In the old TV series, Superman, George Reeves who played Superman would spread his legs, put his hands on his hips, and stare down the barrel of a pistol.  Then the bullets would start flying and bounce off his chest and Superman would smile. Those bullets couldn’t hurt him  Then something I always thought was pretty strange would happen. Once the gun was empty, the bad guy would throw the empty gun at Superman, and what did he do? He ducked!  He could always face the bullets but not the empty gun.

    You know, we duck from many things that shouldn’t frighten us too. As good Christians we are perfectly loved by God. And even more He promised us that all things will work together for the good of those who love God. So really, what should cause us to duck? What else really matters when compared to the promise of God’s love? It’s pretty hard in this day and age to realize that, but it is still true!

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