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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection— 03/31/20

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection— 03/31/20

Let’s Avoid More Regrets

    It’s easy to wish what could have been or to wish what should have been, but that really doesn’t solve any problems.  

    I know I can look back and see where I could have done some things differently.  The whole world may wish it had acted sooner with the challenge of the coronavirus but that won’t help us now.  Let’s not have any more regrets as we wage war on this deadly disease. 

    This summer don’t say “I wish would have prayed a little more”…So with your church closed, watch the Holy Father say mass every day in his chapel (on YouTube search “Pope Francis Mass at Santa Marta/English”) or just spend a little more time praying for a miracle.

    This summer don’t say “I wish I had been more grateful to those who continued to serve me”… So leave a thank you note for your mailman. If a first responder is behind you at a drive-thru restaurant, pay for their meal.  Bring a thank you note to your pharmacist or grocery store checker.

    This summer don’t say “I wish I would have checked in on my aunt, uncle, neighbor, etc.”… So call or text them now and say hello and see if they need anything.  Make sure those that love you know that you are okay.

    I was asked if I had “cabin fever” through all of this, and all I thought of was all those people isolated in their cabins on a cruise ship who need my prayers.

    I need to remember that with God all things are possible and with him I can avoid more regrets. And with Faith in him I can “Expect a Miracle”! 


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