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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–4/08/20

Fr. Michael’s Spiritual Reflection–4/08/20

An Easter Reflection

    We hear it all the time.  Life is a journey.  I was thinking about that in terms of the Church year, society and my own life.  Here we are at the end of Lent, with the holiest days of the Church year literally upon us.  I was also thinking that our individual lives are a series, a succession of little Lents and little Easters.  And for society at large it’s the same thing.  For the church, Easter will come as sure as I’m sitting here typing away on my computer.  It’s this Sunday.  For society, it looks like Lent will last a little longer.  Who knows when this pandemic will be a thing of the past?  And us?  Things have certainly changed for the most of us, haven’t they?  Here we are confined to home for the most part, and lives and work and play put on hold.  Yet, there seems to be a time for things that I seldom have little chance to do, like read and walk and meditate and just rest.

    Here’s the deal.  As certainly as Easter will come this Sunday and the Lord will rise, so our society’s ills will end and peace will come to the world, and for me and you, good times and life will stabilize and prepare us for the next little Lent that will come our way.  How do we know that? Hope and faith in what the Lord has taught us.  It’s the belief of every Christian that whatever is going on in the Church, our society and our own lives, it ends well and Easter will come. 

    That’s a promise!

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