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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection—04/17/2020

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection—04/17/2020

Who am I listening to?

    Every once in awhile you may say or even hear, “He never listens to me.” Listening is so important. It is the heart of every good communication. If you unscramble the word listen, you get silent, and you can’t listen unless you become silent…silent to my own agenda; silent to those thoughts that lead me away from Jesus; and silent to all the noise and distractions around me.

    So, who are you listening to, and what are they saying to you? And what do you remember?

    I was thinking of a time when I was waiting to board a plane at the Los Angeles airport and this little girl was also there. She had hair that was so red, she had to be Irish. Anyway, this gentleman went up to her and told her what beautiful hair she had. He asked her where did you get such pretty red hair? She said, “from China!” She remembered her dad saying everything comes from China so she figured that’s where she got her hair.

    When I listen carefully, I usually remember what was said. Jesus said, “I love you and forgive you.” I don’t forget that…When anyone tells you they love you, you don’t forget. The challenge is to LISTEN! During this time, I encourage you to join me as I listen to all those words of HOPE. I listen for the laughter, the joy and the humor that is all around us. People of hope give hope to others. They are out there waiting to hear words of comfort, of hope and joy. They are listening to you. Let them hear the joy you have in being you. Let them remember your words that lift them up with the Risen Lord. Let them leave you laughing and full of hope.

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