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Spiritual Reflection

Father Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–11/2/2022

Father Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–11/2/2022

All Souls Day

    It seems we have more people to remember today than yesterday when we celebrated All Saints Day.  Today we can remember people we knew personally.  Today, being All Souls Day we can remember and honor people who have passed away.

    This celebration began in Benedictine monasteries all across Europe and the abbot in Cluny, France wanted this remembrance of people who passed away, to be honored on one day and November 2 was the designated day.

    Coming the day after remembering the saints seemed to be quite appropriate.  Then it was also to pray for the deceased because they were deemed to be in Purgatory and not yet in heaven like the saints.

    Each country has its own tradition, countries like Germany, make it a week long celebration with parades. 

    I noticed that Tucson, Arizona has a similar celebration with a parade at the end of this week.  Just to pray for loved ones who have passed away or to visit and place flowers on their graves is a great way to celebrate All Souls Day.  My thoughts and prayers are for all of your loved ones who passed away.


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