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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 03/23/2022

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection – 03/23/2022

Just…Thank You!

    My brother and I are in the midst of a parish mission at the Church of the Nativity in Leawood, Kansas and we have been moved by the depth of faith in this parish. We welcomed over 500 people to a Mission Mass on a rainy evening.

    One of the people mentioned how grateful he was that we would have Eucharist at the Mission. He said that he has attended missions in his past, but there was no Eucharist, just a talk.

    The Vincentian Parish Mission format follows St. Vincent dePaul’s wishes for Eucharist to be a central part of the parish mission. We were so happy that so many people appreciate this idea.

    So to celebrate Eucharist is our best way to say Thank You. The very word means to give thanks and we are about that during this mission.

    My brother and I are so fortunate to be with Eucharistic People. We hope and pray your Lent is filled with great “Thank Yous”.

    We were with the students from the parish school today and we shared that idea and encouraged them to be grateful people.

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