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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–08/10/2022

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–08/10/2022

Feast of St. Lawrence

    On the feast of St. Lawrence, I’m reminded about all the people who have sacrificed to make life better.  St. Lawrence was martyred for his faith which is the ultimate sacrifice, just like Jesus dying on the cross.  My thoughts today are in gratitude to all those who have sacrificed to make things better.  Usually people who died during wars get immediate recognition and they should, but how many others sacrificed to make life just a little bit better.  I’m quick to remember our parents; the Daughters of Charity who taught us; priests who served us; and so many others who just gave of themselves.

    My brother and I visited a lady from the parish in California, where we were last weekend, who is in hospice care and begged us to tell her why she is still here and can’t get to heaven.  She wondered what good she could do from this hospital bed.  We shared how her sacrifice could be turned into a blessing for her children and grandchildren.  Today St. Lawrence reminds me of the value of sacrifice and I will sneak in a little prayer today for all those who have sacrificed to make my life better.

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