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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–08/17/2022

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–08/17/2022

What’s the Question?

    The picture for today’s refection is an event in the life of Jesus when he actually stunned all the theologians, philosophers and educators in the temple.  He was probably twelve or so and they couldn’t believe his knowledge of Scripture.  When I look at the picture, it looks like He is asking the questions and has answers for all the questions.  How remarkable!

    One of my favorite parts of the Charlie Brown cartoon series is when Schroeder goes all over showing a huge sign to his friends Charlie, Lucy, Linus, etc.  The sign reads “Jesus is the Answer.”  Finally Snoopy hears about this and prepares to respond to Schroeder when he arrives.  When Snoopy comes out of the doghouse and sees “Jesus is the Answer”, He offers his own sign “What’s the Question?”  Sometimes I ask God the wrong question looking for my own answer instead of waiting for God’s answer.  Maybe that’s why LISTENING is so important in my prayer life.  Guess I need to be more patient, listening and waiting for God’s love, mercy, help and direction.

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